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International Right of Way Association

Serving the Right of Way Profession since 1934

Are you involved in the acquisition, management or disposal of real estate?

Do you work for a government agency, public utility, pipeline company or right-of-way contractor?

Are you an engineer, lawyer, appraiser, property manager or negotiator?

Do you employ professionals working in relocation assistance, land title, property management or environmental areas?

Since its inception as a not-for-profit association in 1934, the International Right of Way Association (IRWA) has served a growing number of professionals. IRWA is an individual membership association with approximately 8,300 members throughout the U.S. and Canada. This membership includes: Engineers, Appraisers, Property Managers, Acquisition Agents, Lawyers, Surveyors, Title Experts, Environmentalists and Relocation Assistance Agents.

While some members are in private practice, the majority of IRWA members are employed by:

  • Governmental agencies including national, provincial, state, county and city.
  • Special authorities including harbors, ports, water districts, airports and mass transit.
  • Utility, pipeline and telecommunications companies.
  • Appraisal and right-of-way contracting companies.

Membership in the IRWA benefits both members and employers.

  • It can enhance public perception of the individual member as well as the company or agency with which he or she is associated.
  • It provides the opportunity for a wide range of professional contacts.
  • Members contribute to the right-of-way profession through:
    • Teaching IRWA Courses
    • Writing articles and newsletters
    • Developing courses and seminars
    • Lecturing and speaking at Chapter programs and seminars
  • Leadership roles at the Chapter, Regional and International levels are opportunities for personal and professional growth.

The following classifications of membership are available through the International Right of Way Association:

  1. Active. Active members shall be those persons who are elected to active membership by a chapter of the Association and who are actively engaged in right of way or a related profession and/or who are active in the service of this Association at the Chapter, Region or International level and/or are interested in the affairs of either the right of way profession or this Association.
  2. Retired. Retired member shall be any person who has reached the age of retirement, who has retired from regular right-of-way professional activities while being an active member of a chapter of the Association, and who earns less than the sum of $5,000.00 (U.S.) dollars per annum from any professional activity related to the right-of-way profession, for the year next preceding the date of application for retired member status, which application must be filed with such member's chapter and approved, pursuant to unanimous vote, by the chapter executive board. Retired members shall have the right to vote and to hold office. Retired member status may continue in effect so long as the retired member earns less than the sum of $5,000.00 (U.S.) dollars per annum from right-of-way activities for any year succeeding the year of election to retired status. In the event the retired member earns greater than the sum of $5,000.00 (U.S.) dollars per annum from right-of-way activities, such retired member must disclose that fact to his/her chapter executive board and, further, such member must comply with the Association's current rules relative to reinstatement to active membership and recertification.
  3. Allied/Patron. Allied/Patron members shall be individuals engaged in activities related to the right of way profession, who have a community of intent requiring information concerning right of way and who have sympathy with the objectives of the Association, but who are not eligible for other active or retired membership categories. Allied/Patron members shall not have the right to vote or hold office. Dues for Allied/Patron members shall be in an amount equal to the then existing dues for active Senior members.
  4. Student. Student members shall be students enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate degree, diploma or certificate program at an institution of higher education with a specialization or major in real estate or one of the industry disciplines associated with the right-of-way profession, but who are not eligible for other active or retired membership categories. Student members shall not have the right to vote or hold office. Dues for Student members shall be in an amount equal to the then existing dues for Retired members with magazine.
Programs and Services Benefiting Employers and Members

Courses - The Association offers over 50 intensive, comprehensive courses covering all phases of right-of-way work. The curriculum includes courses in Law, Engineering, Appraisal, Management and Supervision, Communications/Negotiations, Relocation Assistance, Land Titles, Property Management, Negotiations, and the Environment.

Educational Seminars - One to three day seminars on timely topics are presented by local Chapters and Regions.

Textbooks - Publications cover real estate law, appraisal, engineering and negotiations.

Professional Designation - The Association certifies members who fulfill the requirements of experience, education and examination by granting the respected SR/WA designation.

Annual Education Conference - Come face-to-face with leading right of way companies and gain a variety of networking opportunities at our renowned tradeshow.

Right of Way Magazine - This bi-monthly journal includes technical articles in the right-of-way field, special features and news of the Association and its members.

Local Chapter Programs - Each of the approximately eighty chapters holds local educational meetings in addition to sponsoring IRWA courses.

Committee Activities - At both the chapter and international levels, committees provide opportunities for the exchange of ideas in right-of-way disciplines.

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